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Tree and garden services for a customer's home


Choose Turner Land Care in Marlborough for tree surgery, landscaping and more. View our projects or get in touch to find out more about us.

Domestic and commercial services

​At Turner Land Care, we provide a comprehensive range of arboreal and agronomical services in Wiltshire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas.

Tree and hedge surgery

Turner Land Care has extensive experience in all aspects of arboreal management, refurbishment and recycling, most of which is included in the following areas:


  • All types of forestry and arboreal work

  • Planting/crown lifting/thinning/reduction of all sizes of tree

  • Removal of deadwood

  • Reshaping and pollarding

  • Stump grinding

  • Felling and removal


  • Planting and transplanting

  • Maintenance

  • Renewal

  • Pruning or removal

Hedge trimming
person pushing a wheelbarrow past flowerbeds

Garden services

Vegetation management
We are happy to build, maintain or replenish your vegetable plot applying our vast experience, achieving the most productive and therefore cost-effective plot management.
We can advise the most productive types and varieties of vegetables for any given soil condition and site position.

General clearance
The clearance of unsightly, overgrown or development land is the most time consuming task any small landowner faces; unless of course they have the appropriate equipment and knowledge.
This is one of Turner Land Care’s key competences, with the latest equipment, extensive experience and qualified workforce, we make short work of any project to an extremely high standard.

Lawn and boundary care

Turfing and re-seeding
Two essential components of a pleasing new lawn is site preparation and turf selection. We can quickly prepare a site to the highest standard and then supply a range of options depending on the use to which the lawn is to be put; whether recreational or show lawn, whether high or low maintenance.
Sometimes, a lawn just needs a small amount of the right sort of work to get it back to its best.
Re-seeding in the right way, revitalises a tired and over used lawn and re-establishes its place at the centre of your outdoor activities.

Grass cutting
A range of grass cutting services are available on request, just tell us your needs and we’ll tell how we can help.

Lawn treatments
Seasonal treatment of lawns is essential to the healthy development, appearance and ease of care.
We can provide a bespoke service based on seasonal visits or your individual need or budget. This flexible approach ensures that you get the most from your lawn with the minimum of work or expense.

There is no point in having a superbly kept lawn to have its appearance spoilt by untidy borders, paths and driveways.
We have all the equipment needed to quickly and efficiently restore these areas to a pristine state which will enhance the overall appearance of your garden leaving the area tidy and much improved.

Large Garden
Dandelion Seeds

Environmental spraying and weed control

All types of invasive weeds
The control and eradication of the most invasive weeds can be difficult for land owners without the correct application of effort, chemicals and equipment.
Tackling the most difficult weeds e.g. Japanese Knotweed, Ragwort, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, may need much attention to complete the eradication and we place great emphasis on the environmental impact of any program of control.

Aquatic weeds
All pond owners know that extra care should be taken while spraying near and around ponds, lakes or indeed any water way. Using practised techniques and well chosen chemicals, aquatic weeds can be tackled safely and effectively to ensure the environment is safe but the weed is eradicated.

Agricultural diseases
Working closely with you to ensure a positive outcome we can address a large number of agricultural diseases. Using methods that are both safe and effective for your land and animals, we aim to promote rural development. Turner Land Care enjoys access to an agronomy consultant who we would work alongside to establish disease control.


All types of fencing can be supplied, erected or repaired. We are happy to provide advice about location, type and construction where weather conditions, animals or other factor may impact on the options.
Below are listed some of the projects that we undertake on both a small and large scale.

  • Planning and erection

  • Storm damage repair

  • Maintenance

Horse Grazing surrounded by rolled wheat
lawned area leading to plants and shrubs

Soft landscaping and ground clearance

Soft landscaping deals with all the elements of a garden that grows, from trees to flowers, to shrubs and plants, changing the softer elements of your garden can change the entire look of the outside of your home.

Utilising the latest equipment, we regularly rejuvenate large and small areas enabling it to be utilised in a more beneficial and attractive way.

One of the most important areas of a property is the garden, and there is no doubt that an attractive and well kept garden increases the value of almost any property. Whether it serves as a place of relaxation or play, the pleasure of a properly maintained garden area is undeniable.

Where larger areas are concerned, which can be utilised in a more productive manner and are often overlooked due to the perceived difficulty of addressing the issue; we approach these tasks with efficiency, enthusiasm and competitive pricing.

  • Planting

  • Scrub clearance

  • Garden waste recycling

  • Boarder maintenance

  • Orchard planting

  • Fruit caging

  • Establishing vegetable plots

Paddock maintenance

Four practices are essential to paddock maintenance and Turner Land Care are expert in ensuring that you have lush pastures and are able to encourage rapid re-growth. Using machinery that causes the least disruption to your land and stock we can top, harrow, roll and spray any grassy area to reduce the spread of weeds, remove dead thatching, breakdown poached areas and eradicate unsightly and potential harmful weeds.

Turner Land Care are able to turn a tired paddock, using proven practices, to restore it to its former glory.

When an area is well taken care of it will reduce disease and reward your animals with fresh and nutritious grass.

A paddock maintenance job using a green tractor
Reading Map

Consultancy/planning applications

Turner Land Care are pleased to offer consultancy and tree planning application support.

Using our direct planning portal to the local council we are able to apply for tree surgery to be carried out on tree's that have tree preservation orders, have a high amenity value and are in areas of outstanding natural beauty or special scientific interest areas. Using our knowledge, expertise and strong links with the tree planning officers we are able to get prompt sensible decisions, that not only promote the health of the tree but also prioritise safety. We are not in the business of taking down trees unnecessarily so will always work towards the least invasive option, if the only option is to fell the tree, as responsible tree surgeons we will always look to replant.

Our consultant and director Richard Turner is happy to offer his 30 years of experience as a tree surgeon to offer guidance and advice on all aspects of tree related work and land management. So if you need a tree health report for your insurance company or to offer reassurance to neighbouring land owners, utility companies etc., we can do so professionally and economically.

Customer feedback

"Very professional, knowledgeable and experienced, would certainly recommend."


Tree surgeon job completed by our team
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